The Joe Zone (About Me)

I’m Joey, I’m thirty…something and I live in Brooklyn, NYC with my four fur babies 18 & LC (the twins), Brooklyn, and AJ (Joe Joe). After completing a degree in Consumer Sciences at a midwestern university (I’m not telling you which one, and it doesn’t matter anyway, they’re all the same), I thought to myself, “well, now I’m a consumer scientist! Better put it to good use!” This means spending my hard earned money on testing new consumer products when they hit the shelves and reporting back to you guys with my much-anticipated opinions!

I’ve always loved shopping, and now it has a much bigger purpose! I’ll be reporting on everything from Chap-Sticks to candies, HoHo’s to hand sanitizers, pizzas to Puffs tissues (cause you know a girl’s got allergies!). My specialties include limited edition flavors, holiday flavors, new flavors, and unique flavor combinations. I’ll be eating my way through NYC and reporting back on my faves (and flops), what’s worth trying and what needs to stay on the shelves!


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